New Hart Software Services (HSS) 2020.12 Released

This tag brings several improvements to the Hart Software Services since 2020.11:

Modified switching between SD card and eMMC to use an FPGA fabric register instead of MSS GPIOs.
This prevents SD card/eMMC mux glitching when GPIOs are re-initialized in later boot stages.
Enabled reset input from FPGA fabric.
This allows push button reset with suitable FPGA designs. For example, this allows using push button SW4 to reset the Icicle Kit when using the Icicle Kit Reference Design 2020.12 or later.
Added clearing of pending PCIe interrupts before releasing execution of next boot stage.
This prevents PCIe hanging with Linux kernel 5.10.
Added support for consuming MSS configurations generated by the Libero 12.6 MSS Configurator

This tag has been tested using the Icicle Kit Reference Design tag 2020.12