Latest GitHub tags 2020.11 now available!

Today we created the release for our 2020.11 tags for three repositories in the PolarFire SoC GitHub organization:

The 2020.11 tag brings several changes from PCIe updates to eMMC and SD card changes, the individual release notes and commits for each repository should be consulted for the full changelog.

One of the big changes in this release is the updates to eMMC and SD cards. The Icicle Kit Reference Design has been updated to connect the SDIO_SW_SEL_[0:1] signals directly to MSS_GPIO_2_0, this allows the de-mux connected to the eMMC and SD card controller to be switched by software. In the previous versions of the design the SDIO_SW_SEL_[0:1] signals were either tied low (to select eMMC) or high (to select SD cards).

To take advantage of this change the HSS has been updated to re-configure the MSS I/Os for eMMC and SD cards on the go and also set MSS_GPIO_2_0 low or high to select the desired configuration. This means with the latest HSS and reference design you no longer need to re-program the FPGA to select between eMMC and SD cards. Now the HSS starts up and sets the SD card configuration and tries to initialize a card, if this fails, for example no card is inserted, the HSS will now set the eMMC configuration and initialize the eMMC memory.

Another update is to the Microchip PCIe Linux driver, we’ve initially added support for SATA and NVMe drives so try connecting one up and run an lspci command to see the attached devices!