Err about boot from emmc

i try to fllow this doc to Programme the Linux Image to emmc

log about err:

[1167.45277] IPI_QueuesInit(): Initializing IPI Queues (9000 bytes @ 0x8000e80)…
[1167.54218] HSS_PMP_Init(): Initializing PMPs
[1167.60033] HSS_BootInit(): Initializing Boot Image…
[1167.66543] getBootImageFromMMC_(): Preparing to copy from MMC to DDR …
[1167.74789] getBootImageFromMMC_(): Attempting to read image header (1552 bytes) …
[1167.84789] GPT_ValidateHeader(): Validated GPT Header …
[1167.111462] GPT_ValidatePartitionEntries(): Validated GPT Partition Entries …
[1167.120750] copyBootImageToDDR_(): Copying 566256 bytes to 0xa0000000
[1167.134274] validateCrc_(): Checked HSS_BootImage header CRC (0xa0000000->0xa0000610): calculated 4daf0e23 vs expected dd0319f7
[1167.147554] HSS_BootInit(): boot image failed CRC
[1167.154151] HSS_BootInit(): Calculated CRC32 of image in DDR is 0xfa056b3f
[1167.269265] RunStateMachine(): usbdmsc_service::init → usbdmsc_service::idle

and i have same err when i try to boot from sd card
i use this image: core-image-minimal-dev-icicle-kit-es.wic.gz

Hey @zhangyue Are you using the latest HSS to program and boot? I’m wondering if you’re programming using the compressed image as this could be related to this discussion item

hss version is 0.99.16

[4.494194] HSS_E51_Banner(): PolarFire(R) SoC Hart Software Services (HSS) - version 0.99.16
MPFS HAL version 1.8.116
(c) Copyright 2017-2021 Microchip Corporation.

[4.511120] HSS_E51_Banner(): incorporating OpenSBI - version 0.6
(c) Copyright 2019-2021 Western Digital Corporation.

[4.523793] HSS_PrintBuildId(): Build ID: 2d4820c06843015e0f53fec15cd463a4a3bd9f43
[4.532906] HSS_PrintToolVersions(): Built with the following tools:

  • riscv64-unknown-elf-gcc.exe (xPack GNU RISC-V Embedded GCC (Microsemi SoftConsole build), 64-bit) 8.3.0
  • GNU ld (xPack GNU RISC-V Embedded GCC (Microsemi SoftConsole build), 64-bit) 2.32

[4.558165] HSS_DDRPrintSegConfig(): Segment Configuration:
Cached: SEG0_0: offset 0x0080000000, physical DDR 0x00000000
Cached: SEG0_1: offset 0x1000000000, physical DDR 0x30000000
Non-cached: SEG1_2: offset 0x00c0000000, physical DDR 0x70000000
Non-cached WCB: SEG1_4: offset 0x00d0000000, physical DDR 0x70000000
[4.589934] HSS_MemTestDDRFast(): DDR size is 768 MiB
[4.596323] HSS_BoardLateInit(): Please ensure that jumpers J34/J43 are correct for 1.8V MMC voltage…
[4.607346] HSS_MMCInit(): Attempting to select SDCARD … [5.677131] mmc_init_common(): MSS_MMC_init() returned unexpected 0
[5.685723] HSS_MMCInit(): Attempting to select eMMC … Passed
Press a key to enter CLI, ESC to skip
Timeout in 5 seconds

thinks for your help
when i update hss to last version,the linux is work

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Great, I’m glad its working for you :slight_smile: