eMMC program over UART interface

Hello Guys,

I am Looking into the ways to program the eMMC for my custom design using Polarfire SOC FPGA.
The issue that i am facing is that in my custom board Design there is no USB interface. I see documents which mentions eMMC can be programmed with usb interface and not another alternative.
The interface that my custom design has is CAN,UART.

Is there any any example or dcumentation where I can program eMMC (Linux image) with UART?

Hey @AkpredSH You could try with ymodem (it will be slow!) the HSS has a ymodem service you can enable via kconfig, sources are here in the HSS :slight_smile:

You could try getting u-boot going and then do a tftp boot of your image to save having to load the entire thing over y-modem.

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