Buildroot early console switch not working?


I’ve built and booted the latest Buildroot SDK from eMMC but there seems to be two issues. For one, I had to increase the size of the rootfs image from 60M because it was not enough. So that’s solved, but…

then when booting the last print I see is that the early console was disabled and then it tries to switch over to tty0 and from there on I see no more prints. I can get some more prints by adding keep_bootcon to the bootargs, but I suppose it switches at the very end then instead.

Any ideas what could be wrong here?

Hi @howyhow

Did you have to increase the size of rootfs with the base configuration or had you added packages, I would have thought there would be enough space but maybe not…

What is the last print you see when buildroot is coming up and are you using our reference design?

I had not added any packages, just a straight clean build.

I figured out the console switch issue though. I had failed to notice that there was a new reference design and it boots fine now.

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Excellent :slight_smile: Let me know if you have any more issues