A case for the PolarFire SoC Icicle Kit?

I have two PolarFire SoC Icicle Kits and they are a bit exposed, attracting dust amongst other things. I’m curious whether anyone is using a case for the board and if so, which cases are being used. Does the board confirm any standards, like Mini ITX? Or do we have to design a case specifically for the board?



I’ve been looking around as well, the only thing I could find was this 3D printed case for the polarfire avalanche FPGA: Avalanche Polarfire case - Parametric by truhlik_fredy - Thingiverse

It seems simple enough that it could be adapted to the dimensions of the the Polarfire SoC Icicle. I haven’t gotten around to trying to do this yet, if someone beats me to it that would be great. :slight_smile:

Hi Bloudraak,

For PolarFire SoC Icicle Kit there is no custom case available. Pls go ahead and use of any off the shelf closest match you get for Icicle Kit.